Board 2015-17


Mia Sundelin |  President  |  HBT-Socialdemokrater, Sweden

Jose Angel Santoro |  Secretary General  |  Grupo Federal LGTB – PSOE,  Spain

Vilma Vaitiekunaite |  Vice President  |  LSDP,  Lithuania

Lars Vorberger, Treasurer

Lars Vorberger  |  Treasurer  |  Schwusos, Germany

Bea Tilanus  |  PvdA Roze Netwerk, The Netherlands

Joël le Deroff

Joël le Deroff  |  PS,  Belgium

Aurélien Mazuy, President

Aurélien Mazuy  |  HES Homosexualités et Socialisme, France

Rainbow Rose has a Board made up of volunteers who undertake their elected roles on top of their professional occupation. The Board meets four times per year.

Our aim is for a Board that represents gender, geography, age and sexual orientation diversity as much as possible.