LGBT Intergroup in the EP


The Intergroup on LGBT Rights is an informal forum for Members of the European Parliament who wish to advance and protect the fundamental rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Members of the Intergroup would usually take a positive stance on LGBT issues when they draft reports or amendments, when they vote in the Parliament, or when they deal with constituency affairs.

The LGBT Intergroup is the largest of the European Parliament’s 27 Intergroups, with 152 members and 62 of those being from the S&D Group.

Its work is led by six Presidents, and the day-to-day work is carried out by the Secretariat of the Intergroup.

You can see the members here.


 (Lars and Aurélien from Rainbow Rose meeting with Evert Jan working for the LGBT Intergroup)

For more information about the LGBT intergroup, please visit its website