Our goals and structure

copy-logo-rr-site1.jpgRainbow Rose has many objectives including, but not limited to:

– Creating a strong LGBTI Social Democratic network in each EU Member State;

– Promoting LGBTI issues within the PES family (including sister parties, with politicians and activists and at events);

– Supporting LGBTI initiatives in the different Council of Europe member states, and especially in countries with hostile environments for LGBTI people;

– Cooperating with LGBTI organisations (and other organizations where appropriate) to realise equality for all LGBTI European citizens;

Rainbow Rose is composed of different types of engagement from both people and groups, this includes:

  • Rainbow Rose Activists (RRA): people willing to become a member of RR via an individual membership. No restriction of residence or nationality applies.
  • Member Structures (MS):  LGBTI groups within a sister party affiliated to PES, or having a close tie with an affiliated PES party at an  national level, or as a group of people holding a mandate to work on LGBTI issues within their party. It shall be composed of a significant group of active members.
  • Non-affiliated members (NAM): any LGBT structure, should it be composed of 1 individual or more people, which has not paid the MS fees but it still considered as representative for being part of Rainbow Rose network (up to the Board to decide on engagement at this level).

Full list of our members can be found here.