Newsletter 2/2016


Words from Mia

Mia Sundelin
Mia Sundelin

It is a sad time we’re approaching right now. Paris, Brussels in our neighbourhood, Syria, Afghanistan further away. Isis/daesh is a huge threat to democracy and our open society. We need now, more than ever, to stand up together for freedom, human rights and equality for all mankind. Rainbow Rose and social democratic values are more needed than ever. LGBTI rights and women rights will be ones of the first to vanish if we don’t succeed to keep an open and supportive society. Thank you for all your work and support!

Mia Sundelin
Vice president
Rainbow Rose

“Woman and Minority Refugees Conference” in Istanbul, Turkey

IMG_1900Rainbow Rose co-organized the “Woman and Minority Refugees Conference” under the leadership of the Global Progressive Forum.  This was our first event of this year: Women and Minority Refugees: another perspective to the crisis, co-organized with GPF, YES, PES Women and FEPS, which took place on February 18-19 in Istanbul, Turkey. Read more from our website.

International Women’s day

On our Press Release for International Women’s day in cooperation with YES, PES Women and ESO, Rainbow Rose asked the European Union to consider explicitly gender identity and gender expression in legislation, strategies, policies, action plans, and awareness-raising campaigns, including those combating gender stereotypes.12814047_991757007570022_7556008053608701774_n

Congratulations to our Swiss sister party’s campaign against populism and discriminatory measures

On our recent Press Release supporting the Swiss Social Democratic Party our president Aurélien Mazuy, declared: “We are very happy about the results on these initiatives which show a reject of populist and discriminatory proposals. It was good to see the full mobilisationswiss of our sister party on this tax initiative. Conservative forces failed in preventing further equality for same-sex couples. It gives some hope for other discussions going in Europe on similar issues.” Read more on Press release: Switzerland: NO against populist and discriminatory measures!.

Ukrainian LGBT organization addressed European LGBT organizations about referendum in the Netherlands

On 6 April 2016 Dutch citizens will vote on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement by referendum. Beside economic and commercial interests, human rights and LGBTI rights in particular are put in the debate. . The Dutch government supports three campaigns initiatives echoing concerns of Ukrainian LGBT groups.

The election and statutes committees

The election committee for the current legislature consists of: Nicolas Vervliet (France), Vilma Vaitiekunaite (Lithuania) and Terry Connolly (Ireland) as full members and as substitutes: Iulian Stoian (Romania) and Maja Vukcevic (Montenegro).

The statutes committee for the current legislature consists of: Aleksander Lewandowski (Poland), Antoine van Lune (Netherlands), Ian McGahon (Ireland), Tatjana Gabrielli (Austria), Maja Vukcevic (Montenegro), and Fito Ferreiro (Spain). The work will start soon.



The General Assembly of 2016

The next General Assembly of Rainbow Rose will take place in Paris hosted by our French member structure HES. More details to come soon.

Upcoming events

5-11 April: S&D Africa Week in Brussels (LGBTI event on 7th April)
10-11 May: IDAHOT Conference in Copenhagen
13-19 June: Baltic Pride in Vilnius
23 July – 7 August Euro Pride, Amsterdam