Rainbow Rose & Finnish S&D MEPs: It’s time to change the Finnish maternity law!

Press Release. 6 April 2016. For immediate release.

A recent Finnish Citizen Initiative proposes that a new Maternity Law should be passed with some other small changes to the existing legislation, in order to accommodate the new Maternity Law.

This new initiative covers female same-sex couples, who receive in-vitro fertilization and the child, who is born into this family.

The new Maternity Law would include the same rights to recognize the other mother in same sex relationship as the child’s guardian, in the same way as a father can legally be recognized as the guardian, in the current law. The Fatherhood Law was passed on 1st  January 2016, and this new Maternity Law is almost identical.

This new law would secure the rights of the other mother in same sex relationships, where a child is conceived via fertility treatment. It would also secure the child’s legal status with the other mother, which is very important in case something happens to the other mother.

The integrity of rainbow family is the child’s right, and the one who would benefit the most from the change of the maternity law would be the child. Changing the law is a much needed step towards Europe where rainbow families have the same civil rights as everyone else”, stresses Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, Finnish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and belonging to the Socialist and democrats political group (S&D).

Long, expensive and humiliating adoption process is not the kind of bureaucracy any family needs. We must take action to change the law and to secure the child’s rights to one’s parents in Finnish legislation”, states Liisa Jaakonsaari, also Finnish S&D MEP.

The Finnish initiative is a great example of a small change in a law that has a significant effect on human rights. I wish a big success to this initiative which could inspire other European countries to acknowledge the legal situation of rainbow families and make necessary changes in legislation“, states Aurélien Mazuy, President of Rainbow Rose.

If you are Finnish citizen (and only in this case), you may sign the initative here.

For further information contact:
Hanna Huumonen
Member of board of Rainbow Rose and  Pinkkiruusu (LGBT Group of Social Democratic Party in Finland)

From: äitiyslaki.fi
From: äitiyslaki.fi

Notes for editors:

  1. Rainbow Rose is the network for the LGBT groups of the socialist, social democratic and labour parties across Europe. It gathers 31 structures.
  1. Rainbow Rose is affiliated (associate member) to the Party of European Socialists (PES) and works with the Progressive Alliance of Socialist and Democrats (S&D Group) in the European Parliament
  1. You can find more about Rainbow Rose on Facebook (facebook.com/RainbowRose.eu) its website (www.rainbowrose.eu) and Twitter (@RainbowRose_PES)

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