S&D Group: EU must do more in the fight for LGBTI rights

Another press release from Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament with Italian MEP Gianni Pittella President of the group: “We are very clear – equal rights are not a negotiable principle. It is not acceptable that in 2016, many people in civil partnerships or same-sex marriages do not have that status recognised when they move or travel to other EU countries. This is a bar to free movement of people and the EU must act to stop this form of discrimination.”
And Slovenian MEP Tanja Fajon Vice-president of the Group : “Although we have seen progress in the last few years, EU citizens still face discrimination based on their gender identity. In particular transgender people still have their rights trampled on – with requirements for medical intervention or forced sterilization still conditions for gender reassignment in some countries. This is an outrage and a clear breach of fundamental rights, the EU cannot remain silent on issues such as this.”

Congrats again to the group for their LGBTI position paper! Read more here.